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Music in Indian films is generally not conceived as an autonomous entity within itself, but must be intimately connected to the storyline. Thus songs and music was created in accordance with the requirements of the film and were woven into the various situations of the film. Much melodious music was produced.Mr jatt Music and songs are representing the culture. Music is a sound or study of such sounds, organized in time with the help of instruments like piano ,guitar and flute etc. With these examples the variation and innovation is used for making different types of music hence for public adaption with advanced time. Songs are basically musical composition with lyrics for voices, performed by singing. In the Bollywood music the lyrics are necessity like sun and moon because without lyrics songs dedication are said to be zero. In the example of Bollywood category Safar song sung by Mohit Chauhan and music composed by Vishal Mishra from Notebook movie the Collaboration of song or music make good compound which increases the motivation, dedication to work, and also ability to know about who am I and what work I done ,is there any significance of myself in another life. Music work as frame to Mr jatt songs, depicts picturisation when we listen song with good melodious sound and afterwards they marks imprints in our soul. Perhaps with the new technology and time changes with modernization in lifestyle the remix of old songs are getting more important. The song Ankho ki Mastii from Umrao Jaan movie sung by Ashoa Bhosle and music composed by Mohammed Zahur Khayyam and due to change in time the remix is made by Soujanya Madabhushi with the help of innovation in music which is oftenly like by public specifically by youth. Hence the songs are necessity for Mr jatt Bollywood music. Without music the songs have no utility. Among foreigners the popularity of the bollywood movies are more than Mrjatt Hollywood movies due to music and song admires with dance and symbolizes the culture.